What is DOOH and why should you use it?

When you’re on the go, you can’t avoid seeing outdoor advertising. Whether at the subway station, on a shopping street, at the airport, or in the gym. There is always digital advertising space in such places. What does this have to do with programmatic advertising? In fact, many of these screens can also be programmed programmatically. Digital out of Home (DOOH) is a sector that is developing rapidly in the field of programmatic.

Now you can reach your target group via digital programmatic outdoor advertising. This can have certain age or interest-specific characteristics. The corresponding data can in turn be linked to location data. This guarantees the following: the advertising is only displayed on the DOOH advertising space where and when your target group is more likely to be present there. Your message can spread to the appropriate digital outdoor advertising spaces in an instant.

Highly targeted approach with the use of programmatic RTA despite a one-to-many medium!

The advantages with DOOH


to other channels to map the entire customer journey.

Drive-to-store measures

to address your target group directly and precisely.

Reach the target group

in waiting situations, such as at subway stations.

Flexible choice of location

makes it possible to dynamically control your message on suitable screens.

Targeting Options


Temperature, weather conditions, pollen count, humidity

Days & times of day

on an hourly basis or booking for certain days (e.g. booking only on working days)


City, location, station/mall, info screen, movement data


Age, gender, education, marital status, household, income

Example case


With the help of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), individual advertising elements can be exchanged dynamically and automatically. As a result, the response can vary and adapt, for example, to the weather, the time of day or the city. The examples show a DOOH campaign that MINT Square implemented for Advantage Austria. There the banners were dynamically adapted to the respective cities. Passers-by are much more likely to watch an ad if they can connect with it. Just reading your city or a greeting specific to the time of day can go a long way. You too can take advantage of the opportunity to flexibly address your target group in public places. Find out more about our creative services here.

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