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MINT Square supports agencies in programmatic media purchasing in order to expand the service portfolio or to strengthen the level of knowledge. Integrating programmatic media buying into the day-to-day business of an agency, while everything else remains business-as-usual, can be an extensive undertaking. MINT Square understands the needs of agency clients and can provide excellent support. Our services range from hands-on training to support in selecting the appropriate AdTech provider to complete campaign implementation, starting with planning through to optimization and reporting.

From 0 to 100 in just a few weeks.

Loesung fuer Agenturen

We take over the programmatic campaign implementation for you and you accompany us at every step

In just 1-2 days, the MINT Square team can set up your campaigns, test ads and implement tracking so that your campaign data flows smoothly into the AdServer. You get your own technology license and can control the campaigns entirely yourself, if preferred.

To ensure that you always feel that you are in good hands, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager, regardless of your budget, who will be your central contact for support, training and campaign implementation.

You decide: Take the helm yourself and manage the campaigns via your own media team, or alternatively let MINT Square implement the campaign from A – Z for you.

You set the direction and pace

MINT Square supports agencies to build their knowledge about programmatic buying and can get the platforms required up and running as quickly as possible. MINT Square offers in-depth expertise to help agencies develop their own programmatic media buying processes through hands-on training, new feature rollouts and targeting opportunities.

Access to AdTech licenses and maximum flexibility.

Use the best technology

MINT Square is a certified Adform and Adition reseller. As a strategic partner of both platforms in the DACH region, MINT Square raises the bar for support and platform expertise on both demand side platforms.

Ways of working together

MINT Square service for agencies is based entirely on your requirements and is extremely flexible when it comes to resource planning. Calibrate the service level and protect your budgets, for example by increasing the staff deployed at peak times and reducing it again during off-peak times.

Loesung fuer Agenturen

Our service for your success.

Implementation & Support

Individual support or even the self-service option allow you extensive flexibility and the possibility to use as much or as little support as you need.

Self service

Recommended for advanced digital agencies who have already gained experience in programmatic advertising. This option enables your team to plan, execute and optimize campaigns. A dedicated MINT Square Account Manager will guide you with campaign-specific and technical troubleshooting questions as needed.


Recommended for agencies with little or no experience in the programmatic AdTech universe, but who want to learn quickly and manage their RTB Media strategy internally. A dedicated account manager will train your team, help set up the initial campaign strategy and then provide ongoing technical and strategic support.

Full Service Ad Operation

Recommended for teams that need help to get campaigns up and running quickly, or for companies that have limited resources and therefore want an outsourced variant. A dedicated MINT Square Account Manager actively supports you through planning, implementation, optimization and to reporting.

Advice | Transparency | Innovation

Why MINT Square?

You know your business and your target group best. As experts in the field of programmatic advertising, we follow a cooperative approach to make your programmatic media buying a success. The experience you have with your products or services paired with our expertise, forms a powerful synergy that will help you succeed.

Transparent & flexible

MINT Square offers you, as a customer, a completely transparent model on all levels – monetary, technological and procedural. You can flexibly adapt the depth and scope of the cooperation to your own needs.


Programmatic advertising has arrived in the German market and will become an integral part of your marketing mix in the future. There has been a change of tides in the way media teams run campaigns. In order to keep up with the constantly changing world of online advertising, we are here for you and your team in an advisory capacity on strategic and operational questions.

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