Programmatic workshops can be used to build knowledge within your team

In order to fully master the challenges of online marketing, it requires a high level of know-how. This is especially the case in the area of programmatic advertising where many questions arise due to the complex technology. This in turn creates uncertainties and slows down important, often strategic, decisions. MINT Square has many years of experience in these areas and for this reason you can rely on us to be up to date with the current trends and information and to maintain that.

In personal workshops, we offer you the opportunity to build up the knowledge internally around the real time bidding or programmatic buying process. Our goal is to enable your team to deal with all technical and commercial issues of programmatic advertising. Subject areas such as campaign setup, website tracking, targeting, evaluation and creative ad specifications are covered by our workshops. If you need a longer accompaniment of the programmatic journey, we also offer DSP Managed Service.

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We offer you the opportunity to get a complete overview of the programmatic world. We also help you to specialize in certain subject areas in order to take your online marketing measures to the next level. Contact us today and we will find an ideal solution for you to navigate the data driven advertising environment.

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