What is native advertising and why should you use it?

Native advertising is a type of display advertising that is embedded in the content of a web page. This triggers the impression that it was created by the publisher. The format is similar to the style of editorial articles and therefore does not look like advertising to the user at first glance. The acceptance of such advertising content is therefore significantly higher and it is not perceived as annoying. The performance of a campaign can be improved by using native advertising.

If you decide to control native ads with real time advertising, campaigns can benefit from all of the advantages that programmatic advertising provides. Such as the many targeting options. Using the right targeting methods ensures the advertising is played out to the appropriate target group. Thus, not only does the ad reach the relevant target group – which is already half the battle – the advertising viewed by the audience is also much more likely to be accepted. Therefore, increasing the probability that the user will interact with the ad.

A style of display advertising that is not perceived as advertising

The advantages of native advertising


to other channels to map the entire customer journey

A more subtle medium.

Native advertising is not directly recognized as advertising.

Increased interaction

Since the user is more likely to engage with the content, the probability of an interaction is higher.


in campaign control through the advantages of real-time advertising.

Targeting Options


Temperature, weather conditions, pollen count, humidity

Days & times of day

Scheduling on an hourly basis or for certain days (e.g. scheduled only on working days)


City, location, station/mall, info screen, movement data


Age, gender, education, marital status, household, income

Example cases

Native Ads

Native ads can hide very well in the editorial environment! To be eye-catching, meaningful images are necessary. So that your message should stand out perfectly. Find out more about our creative services here.

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