What is DOOH?

The abbreviation “DOOH” stands for “Digital-Out-of-Home” and refers to digital outdoor advertising that is presented on screens in public spaces. DOOH is currently the fastest-growing sector in the field of outdoor advertising. In Germany alone, there are now over 135,000 screens from a large number of marketers. DOOH advertising is particularly dense in highly populated metropolitan regions. DOOH steles can be found at airports, railway stations, supermarkets, shopping centres, doctors’ practices, fitness studios, fast food restaurants – practically anywhere where people are on the move.​

In contrast to conventional billboard advertising, digital screens are not limited to the streets, but are present in a wide variety of environments. The strength of DOOH is to combine the size of a conventional poster with the possibility of integrating videos or interactive elements, thanks to digitalisation. It is a one-to-many channel that achieves high reach and can be easily controlled.

DOOH offers high visibility digital outdoor advertising in dense locations and can be easily controlled. Programmatic DOOH is constantly evolving - data-based play out now makes it possible to address the desired target group very effectively.

— Hanna Bückmann, Programmatic Consultant

DOOH: Effective outdoor brand communication in real time

DOOH is not just a term, but a revolution in the advertising industry since it entered the programmatic sector. Digital out-of-home is a digital signage system that, thanks to large displays and impressive content, brings a certain dynamism to previously boring buildings.​ ​From vibrant LED surfaces to captivating projections, DOOH offers endless possibilities to attract the attention of people in the vicinity.

But what makes DOOH so effective? The answer lies in its versatility and flexibility. By using videos, animations and texts, DOOH attracts passersby like a magnet. But that’s not all. The content can be customised in real time to perfectly match the time of day or the situation. This flexibility ensures maximum effectiveness and relevance. Another reason for its effectiveness: DOOH can be seen everywhere in everyday life outside the home or office – be it in the doctor’s waiting room, on the way to work, when shopping in the supermarket, or when traveling through train stations. DOOH can therefore represent another important channel in the customer journey.

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