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It doesn’t matter whether it’s Adform, TheTradeDesk or ActiveAgent. We support you at all times with the greatest possible flexibility, excellent service and attractive conditions.


With MINT Square you get access to the Active Agent DSP and Adition Adserver according to what you need and on terms that are attractive to you- excellent service included.

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Teaser Image von adition im Reseller-Bereich
Teaser Image von Adform im Reseller-Bereich

With MINT Square you get access to the Adform DSP according to what you need and in conditions that are attractive to you – excellent service included.

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With MINT Square, you get access to The Trade Desk DSP tailored to your needs and on attractive terms – excellent service included

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Advice | Transparency | Innovation

Why MINT Square?

You know your business and your target group best. As experts in the field of programmatic advertising, we follow a cooperative approach to make your programmatic media buying a success. The experience you have with your products or services paired with our expertise, forms a powerful synergy that will help you succeed.

Transparent & flexible

MINT Square offers you, as a customer, a completely transparent model on all levels – monetary, technological and procedural. You can flexibly adapt the depth and scope of the cooperation to your own needs.


Programmatic advertising has arrived in the German market and will become an integral part of your marketing mix in the future. There has been a change of tides in the way media teams run campaigns. In order to keep up with the constantly changing world of online advertising, we are here for you and your team in an advisory capacity on strategic and operational questions.

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