Why run campaigns on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn platform was founded in 2002 and has more than 774 million members worldwide. In the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) there are 16 million. The platform was established to maintain existing business contacts or create new ones. The focus is on the job industry.

This social media channel is particularly popular on working days and hours. For many, it is part of everyday working hours to have LinkedIn open on the side. This provides a great basis for placing the appropriate advertising content.

LinkedIn represents a special platform for certain campaign goals. The targeting options differ from other social media channels, and are particularly special. They are very good for B2B advertising but also other product and service advertisements.

LinkedIn is on average a bit more expensive than other channels, but it is the perfect measure for the right goals. If your target audience is part of a specific industry, profession, or even a specific company, they can easily be reached through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, the 'Hidden Champion' among social media channels, is the platform with class!

The advantages of advertising on LinkedIn

Business focus

What cannot be covered 100% in programmatic advertising via the DSPs, LinkedIn can do it! This platform makes it possible, among other things, to target professions, industries and companies.

High Reach

With its currently 774 million members worldwide, LinkedIn offers the perfect reach for your campaigns.


With its strong business focus, LinkedIn offers a high-quality and professional environment for your brand.

Example cases

LinkedIn Ads

Since LinkedIn stands out from the other social media platforms and specializes in work and careers, LinkedIn ads need to be of the appropriate quality.

LinkedIn has four primary ad formats: Sponsored Content, Message Ad, Text Ad, and Dynamic Ad. Sponsored Content are “native” ads that appear in the feed as a single, video or carousel image.

With meaningful banners and videos in the appropriate formats, good campaign performance is guaranteed! Find out more about our creative services here.

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