Creative Service: Optimal Native Ad Design

The world of native advertising offers a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate targeted advertising into the content of a website or platform. By making this integration a core element of our work, we ensure that your message is communicated clearly without interruptions. We achieve this through deliberate design, ensuring that your native content fits perfectly into the overall picture.

Our experienced design team considers all relevant aspects when creating native ads, through strategic placement and visual harmony, your native content will become an integral part of the user experience. At MINT Square, we are experts in designing native ads that not only reach but also persuade your audience.

The challenge with Native Advertising is to design ads that visually and textually will blend into the environment of the respective publisher. The goal is for the ad to not be perceived primarily as advertising but still be attention-grabbing enough for users to notice. We have met this challenge in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

— Amirrta Manickavasagar, Junior Art Director

Maximum Engagement and Click-Through Rate: Native Ads with Compelling Performance

MINT Square carefully selects platforms and content that thematically align with your advertising message. Our experts thoroughly analyze which context best suits your ad to ensure the highest possible relevance. This approach results in increased relevance and efficiency for your campaigns.

Our collaboration with your team during the creative process ensure effective engagement. Tailoring your message to your target audience is crucial. We understand that different platforms and content require different approaches. Therefore, we customize your content to ensure it aligns optimally with your target audience. This targeted approach is the key to an effective and successful campaign.

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