The challenge with native advertising is to design the ads visually and textually in such a way that the ad adapts visually - and optimally also in terms of content - to the environment of the respective publisher in such a way that it is not primarily seen as advertising, but is nevertheless attention-grabbing enough to be noticed by the user. We have met this challenge in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

— Amirrta Manickavasagar, Creative Assistant
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Project overview

The correct processing and retouching of image ads ensure the ads are eye-catching in the editorial environment! In combination with a meaningful title, the probability of clicking on the native ads is increased. All of this is of course tailored to your campaign goals.

Native ads are advertisements that adapt to the web content and, at first glance, are not perceived as advertising. To be effectively eye-catching, the advertising image should be suitably prepared and retouched. This increases the likelihood that users click the ad.