Why run campaigns on TikTok?

The video platform TikTok, launched in China in 2016, already has 689 million monthly active users in 2020, making it the fastest growing social network ever.

Some consider the TikTok target group to be very young, but that has changed in the last year. The largest age group is between 10 and 19 years old which accounts for 25% of users, but 30 to 39 year olds already account for 22% of users. So the age range of TikTok users is wider than you might think. This makes the platform suitable for many target groups.

Short mobile phone videos are uploaded to the social media channel. If you scroll through TikTok more often, you will notice that the feed quickly adapts to your own interests. The TikTok algorithm seems to already be particularly strong.

If you want to run campaigns on TikTok, there are many targeting options. In addition to the available demographic data, there is a lot of data based on interests. Based on this, target groups can be targeted very precisely.

The promotional videos are indeed flagged as advertising, but they merge very well with the existing feed. Naturally, the video used should adapt to the style of the social media channel. Authentic, relevant videos work the best. Quality is not the top priority.

If you want to reach a younger target group, you should consider this channel in your campaign planning. A well thought-out strategy is essential.

Not only do trends quickly go viral TikTok, but so does your campaign message!

The advantages of advertising on TikTok

High reach

the social media channel has established itself alongside the giants Facebook and Instagram. Accordingly, there is no problem in bringing your advertising to as many users as possible.

Large pool of data

Especially if your target group is young and trend-oriented, you should not miss the opportunity to communicate with them on TikTok. If the advertising video used is also adapted to current trends, nothing stands in the way of your campaign's success.

Optimal Add on

This popular video platform is not lacking in data either. The amount of data based on interests that can be utilized is expansive. In addition, you can target the most interactive users, for example, to ensure even more interaction with the advertising video used.

Example cases

TikTok ads

Although image ads are possible on TikTok, we recommend using a video first and foremost. This should be adapted to a young target group and ideally include current TikTok trends. Find out more about our creative services here.

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