Why should you run campaigns on Instagram?

The image platform Instagram belongs to the Facebook family and is the second (after the parent company) most used social media platform by companies worldwide. Most users worldwide are between the ages of 20 and 29. The platform is known for regularly releasing new functions. In order to keep up with the competitors TikTok and Youtube, more and more video functions are being used. According to the Digital 2021 Report, around 26 million users in Germany can be reached through advertising on Instagram.

In order to achieve campaign success, a modern strategy adapted to the individual wishes of the customer is necessary for the constantly changing platform.

The advertisement can appear through a suitable banner in the feed of your target group. But they can also appear in a video within the stories of just the right person. For any campaign strategy and for any campaign objective, Instagram can act as a complementary channel.

Instagram is always up-to-date and regularly adapts functions to fit with the current social media trends.

The advantages of advertising on Instagram

High reach

After Facebook, the Instagram platform is the most used social media channel in the world. In order to increase awareness of your brand, you can reach a significant amount of users who are mostly between 20 and 29 years old. Other age groups are also well represented.

Large pool of data

The connection to the parent company Facebook benefits campaigns on Instagram. In this way, the countless data available from Facebook can also be used for your Instagram campaigns. This data can cover your target group characteristics very specifically.


Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, campaigns can run on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. In this way, two of the largest social media channels can be used simultaneously with your advertising via campaign control.

Example cases

Instagram ads

The same advertising formats are possible on Instagram and Facebook. Here, too, both banners and videos can be used in various formats, e.g. as story ads, single image ads in the feed or carousel ads. Find out more about our creative services here.

MINT-fresh projects

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