Why run campaigns on Pinterest?

While Pinterest is counted as a social media, actual networking between people is a secondary element on this platform. First and foremost, Pinterest is, as the name suggests, an online pinboard. This is filled with; users interests, DIYs to try out or recipes that you would like to share. As a rule, people search for specific things on Pinterest. That is exactly what sets this channel apart from other social media channels.

There are around 15 million monthly Pinterest users in Germany. Worldwide there are over 400 million, although the number fluctuates. Most of them are female.

The main advantage for a Pinterest campaign is the high traffic. Since this platform is similar to a search engine and users search specifically for their interests, there is a high willingness to click on the posts.

This special feature is also relevant in the targeting options. There are the well-known targeting options such as geo- and demographic targeting, plus Pinterest also uses search keywords. Well thought-out keyword targeting will lead to the best results in your Pinterest campaigns.

Search engine marketing meets social media: Pinterest combines the strengths of these two worlds.

The advantages of advertising on Pinterest

High traffic

The ad should appear to users because they have specifically searched for this topic. So you can assume that a high amount of engaged traffic will be brought to site.

Targeting Options

As well as the usual targeting options such as geographic and demographic targeting, keyword targeting is also used.


Pinterest is also a platform that can be used effectively along side other channels to create a multi channel approach. This way you retain the flexibility of programmatic campaigns and reach the target group via a holistic approach.

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