What is Programmatic Cinema and why should you use it?

After Programmatic TV, DOOH and other future-oriented innovations, there is now Programmatic Cinema. Yes, cinema advertising can be booked programmatically and this is possible in Germany for the first time worldwide. Commercial Spots are digitally integrated into the corresponding performance and automatically controlled according to location, day and time. Target groups are formed on the basis of external data, which are then translated to the visitor flows of the cinemas. Another advantage is the transparency of the billing process, in which only the exact number of tickets sold is charged, so there are no more extrapolations as with DOOH, where running studies are the basis.

Cinema is a valuable channel because, in contrast to TV and DOOH, you can be sure of the undivided attention of the audience. The big screen is an optimal opportunity to evoke emotions in the final customer and thus gain sympathy and relevance. So if you want to further multiply your communication opportunities, you can now easily expand your programmatic campaign channels with Programmatic Cinema.

Targeting Options


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Your benefits with Programmatic Cinema

Very high awareness

450 cinemas in Germany

Real Time Data & Evaluation

Example case

Programmatic Cinema

In a cosy atmosphere with hugem screen and impressive sound, cinema advertising not onlyconvey emotions, but also enables viewers to takein the brand in a particularly positive way.

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