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In order to help you, as a marketing specialist, to be successful and master future challenges, a forward-thinking partner is essential. Regardless of whether you want to integrate media purchasing into your marketing department or need a specialist who can competently support you with your programmatic marketing strategy, MINT Square is here for you.

MINT Square as a companion for adtech questions.

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A new kind of marketing service

The MINT Square team can offer you 360° service to help you gain data sovereignty. Get the most out of your technologies and acquire the knowledge to not only be competitive but ultimately remain innovative. Our team will accompany you in decisions such as; establishing an internal media planning team, controlling display, video and search campaigns and troubleshooting Ad Tech problems.

MINT Square is with you at every step.

Working out where to start can often be the biggest hurdle when approaching new topics. Researching and evaluating hundreds of technology solutions and vendors can be overwhelming at first. We analyze and evaluate your data sources and platforms objectively for their efficiency, transparency and effectiveness for your media purchase. MINT Square can provide technical resources for system integration so you can use customer data for media activation or feed campaign data into your internal reporting tools.

MINT Square can help you keep it In-House

Knowledge creates clarity

Once you’re ready, MINT Square will help you build your own programmatic team. A significant part of our expertise lies in helping marketing decision makers to develop their own programmatic media team. MINT Square supports internal training and helps to increase technical expertise by supporting your team. This covers support in terms of strategy and ad operations and always providing them with information about the latest market developments.

Ways to get involved

All the services, technical solutions and consulting modules that MINT Square offers you can be combined in a way that makes the most sense for your company and your budget.

This flexibility allows you to develop a data-driven marketing department optimally positioned to solidify business growth.

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Our service for your success.

Implementation & Support

We offer platform support for companies that have already established a programmatic media buying team but still need support or training for new technical features and are looking for a suitable sparring partner.

Full Service Ad Operation

Our Full Service Ad Operation is intended for customers who want 360° support and advice. A dedicated account team will plan, execute and optimize your programmatic media buying. This type of collaboration is intended for companies struggling with limited resources to manage internal campaigns.

Consulting for Ad Operation & Ad Tech

Expert advice and support for clients who want to take more control over their digital marketing. MINT Square offers tailor-made consulting services and accompanies programmatic insourcing topics as well as system integration processes.

Advice | Transparency | Innovation

Why MINT Square?

You know your business and your target group best. As experts in the field of programmatic advertising, we follow a cooperative approach to make your programmatic media buying a success. The experience you have with your products or services paired with our expertise, forms a powerful synergy that will help you succeed.

Transparent & flexible

MINT Square offers you, as a customer, a completely transparent model on all monetary, technological and procedural levels. You can flexibly adapt the depth and scope of the cooperation to your own needs.


Programmatic advertising has arrived in the German market and will become an integral part of your marketing mix in the future. There has been a change of tides in the way media teams run campaigns. In order to keep up with the constantly changing world of online advertising, we are here for you and your team in an advisory capacity on strategic and operational questions.

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