What is ATV and why should you use it?

There are now many internet-enabled devices that can be used to watch TV, such as Smart TV, Fire TV Stick and game consoles. As a result, television, as the medium with the widest reach, can be combined with the target group-specific control of the digital world.

When advertising via addressable TV (ATV), advertising banners can be displayed through linear television. ATV implements new ways of addressing target groups through the placement in linear TV programs. Brand safety is guaranteed at all times thanks to the use of high-quality transmitters.

Connected TV (CTV) enables advertising access to viewers who consume little or no linear television. While ATV has so far focused on displaying banners, CTV is concentrating on video advertising media, displayed as pre-roll or mid-roll ads. ATV and CTV Advertising are good options if you want to achieve a large reach.

The high reach that is attainable does not, however, mean that the advantages of real-time bidding are foregone. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. You can also address your target group in the television environment via programmatic playout.

Flexible and programmatic advertising in the television environment!

The advantages with ATV & CTV


to other channels to map the entire customer journey

Emotional messaging

through the use of suitable videos or large, meaningful banner formats.

Reaching the target group

in attention-grabbing situations, e.g. when watching your favorite series.


in campaign control through the advantages of real-time advertising.

Targeting Options

Target groups

Targeting through the use of existing target group data (demographic data, interest data).


TV Prime time, times of the day, days of the week


State, city, zip code


TV channel

Example cases


Whether large banners or videos – exciting advertising formats are possible in the ATV / CTV environment. Since we are operating here in a television environment, the banners no longer address just one person, but often the entire household. Even in this environment, exciting implementation options such as DCO measures are possible. Find out more about our creative services here.

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